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Harry Roman is an unusual blend of writer, teacher, inventor and engineer, having achieved acclaim in all four categories. His freelance educational writing appears in Highlights for Children, Tech Directions, Interface, Teaching K-8, and The Technology Teacher. He also writes science and technology texts/workbooks for teachers, published through such national science catalog and educational supply firms as Kelvin Publishing, Nasco, and Hearlihy. Harry also designs mathematics card games for students as well.


Retired early from a 36-year career in engineering, he has written and published over 450 scientific and technical papers, articles, and monographs including 14 books; and created a book series that earned him critical acclaim (1996) from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Harry holds a BS in Electrical Engineering (1970) and an MS in Environmental Engineering (1974), both from the New Jersey Institute of Technology---where he guest lectures, and also taught for ten years as an adjunct graduate professor. His teaching specialty was creativity and invention, research and development project management, and creating new products. He holds 10 US Patents, and is past president of the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame, where he was also recognized as a 2005 Inventor of the Year for his work in robotics. The New Jersey Technology Educators Association (NJTEA) honored him with their highest award-Distinguished Technology Educator (1999), for his life-long commitment to stimulating young minds in the classroom, and his many educational publications. In 2007, IEEE honored him with an Outstanding Engineer Award.


Throughout his career, Harry has given numerous in-service seminars to science and technology teachers across the state, often in conjunction with the science staff at The Newark Museum. He is now serving as an educational consultant to the Edison Innovation Fund, a Newark-based organization dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of Thomas Edison, restoring and preserving his West Orange laboratory and nearby home, and reaching out to schools and teachers with unique educational programs.


Harry Roman has been writing and publishing poetry and short stories for almost 4 decades, his work appearing in numerous forums and small presses. These include: Muse of Fire, Vignettes, Tucumcari Literary Review, Verses, Edgar, Scroll, WestWard Quarterly, Bell’s Letters, Sunflower Dream, Cameo, Black Creek Review, Newark Review, Portals, Penny-A-Liner, Starburst, Infinity, Carpe Laureate Diem, Northern Stars, Poetic Realm, My Legacy, Short Stuff, Upsouth, Cenotaph, and Ibbetson Street Press.


To-date, Harry has published over 700 poems and prose pieces--- including 5 chapbooks: Whispers and Quiet Thoughts, Reflections, Seasons in the Wind, Quatrains and Other Things, and Short Shots. He specializes in a challenging short format, with poems usually 12 lines or less, and super short stories, generally 300-500 words. His artistic goal is to create evocative and imaginative scenes and moments in time. Over 75 of his nostalgic recollections of growing up in Newark in the 1950s/60s are featured on the Old Newark website. His most recent literary book is For the Aspiring Writer. He has three more literary manuscripts nearing completion: Writing Activities for Your Classroom; Stories, Scenes and Interludes; and, Super Short Stories.


His most recent books and products offered commercially include:


“Technology, Invention, and Creativity in the Classroom: The Road to Relevancy”; Kelvin Publishing, 2005.


“Beyond Engineering: How to Work on a Team”; Professional Publications, Inc., 2006. (co-authored with Suzanne Young).


“Topics and Activities for Your Tech Ed Classroom”; Kelvin Publishing, 2006.


“Engineering-More Than Just Technology”; Kelvin Publishing, 2006.


Thomas Alva Edison-Prophet of Progress”; Kelvin Publishing, 2006.


For the Aspiring Writer”; Publish America,  2007.


The Car as a Tech Ed Teaching Tool”; Hearlihy, 2007.



In the publication process now are:


How the Electric Utility System Works”; Kelvin Publishing, 2008.


“Invention Tips and Notebook”; Kelvin Publishing, 2008.


Smooth Operator” (math card game); Nasco, 2008.


“Classroom Design Activities”; Hearlihy, 2008.


“Heat from the Sun and Solar Experiments”; Nasco, 2009.


Assorted Educational Math Games”; Nasco, 2009.




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