Comments from Educators and Parents Regarding Gifted Education Press Quarterly


"Thank you for the information over the years.  It has come in handy with several of my kids.  You never know, maybe someday they will be receiving a subscription for their own kids!"    Parent

I always subscribe and appreciate the copies and links! Coordinator of Assessment and Remediation

"Thank you for such informative and scholarly information as I found in your publications." Sincerely, Gifted Education Coordinator

"Thank you for your wonderful newsletter. It is chock full of important information regarding gifted and talented students. Your contribution to this important and often overlooked population is immense. You are making a difference."  Marilyn Mosley Gordanier   Executive Director    Laurel Springs Schools

"The articles are very helpful. They are updated, informative and eye-opening. Not only do they provide theories but also contain lots of best practices. I love them.  Thank you!"   Lin

"I just finished printing the spring issue of Gifted Education Press Quarterly. I am writing to tell you that not only I am a regular reader of your journal, but I look forward to it and assign it as a reading to my graduate students. The journal is excellent! It includes always very interesting, timely, and relevant articles. In my research, I rely heavily on these articles for the literature review part of my articles.

"Thank you for this significant and effective journal."  Regards,  Associate Professor     Lebanese American University

"My sister forwarded your email on the Gifted Education Press Quarterly.  Please add me to your list for this publication!  I looked at your link, and was impressed (and relieved) to see such a great resource online!  I've been to a few sites, but this one is very well set up -- research and resources reviewed and all together!  I plan to pass this along to my kids' elementary teachers here in Pinellas County, Florida.  I want their teachers to have the best resources at their fingertips, too!" Parent

"I have really enjoyed reading this issue of GEPQ and really, really appreciate the free lifetime subscription! Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!"   Welda Simousek    Talented and Gifted Education Coordinator    Madison Metropolitan School District    Madison, Wisconsin

"Do you really want to provide quality gifted education that really makes a difference in both defensible differentiation and high-impact student interest? A bedrock source of unique and proven ideas is the Gifted Education Press Quarterly by Maurice Fisher (Editor). This journal is brimming with ideas and resources to keep your approach to gifted education fresh and effective. I would make the Gifted Education Press Quarterly mandatory on my teacher reading list.

"What qualifies me to endorse Gifted Education Press Quarterly: I am a former state coordinator of gifted education, a past school psychologist at Columbia University's Evaluation and Placement Center for the Gifted and recipient of the National Student Research Prize of the year for work in gifted education.  The Gifted Education Press Quarterly should be the centerpiece in a gifted education collection."   Dr. Ronald L. Rubenzer       Doctoral Certification in School Psychology and Gifted Education     Author of How the Best Handle Stress (2003)

"Id like to thank you for being a wonderful inspiration for parents of inquisitive children everywhere by providing current news and articles and publishing books that are conducive to learning. Your work is very much appreciated!" Parent

"Thanks a lot for the gracious information." Professor

"Thank you so much. I am trying to learn about the effectiveness of online learning for gifted students and your generosity opened up a wealth of information for me. You are so kind!" Teacher, College Instructor

"We are grateful for your work and generosity!" College Instructor

"I just finished reading the GEPQ - Summer 2005 issue and was very taken with Lynn Toney's article, Differentiation versus Standards-Based Instruction.  I found her succinct and thoughtful writing offered probably the best definition of a differentiated curriculum that I've come across to date."  Ross Butchart, Educator and Author

"We refer to Gifted Education Press Quarterly quite a bit here at the office and I feel it is important to take a good thing with me as I move on to another position. Thank you!"  Educator

"Thank you for this wonderful resource!"  Teacher

"Thank you for the wonderful gift.  I will pass on the information to my GT colleagues.  I'm sure many will be emailing you."  Educator

"I just received the Fall (2004) publication--it's GREAT--I read it cover to cover.  I am currently setting up a new GT program for grades 3-4 and I really enjoy the currency your journal provides. Thank you."  Educator

"I thank you for your generous offer of a lifetime subscription to your publication. Most gracious."  Educator

"Thank you, Maurice. I will share these articles with parents and colleagues."  Educator

"When you made your website public, I downloaded every single issue.  In a word, I am GRATEFUL to you."  Parent

"I just wanted to thank you for making this information public -- it is a great service to the gifted community."  Parent

"Thank you very much. I look forward to the help that it [GEPQ] can provide us in educating our children."  Parent

"Thank you so much. I will use the information as I travel and lead staff development sessions and presentations on the needs and characteristics of gifted children.  I am certain your invaluable resources will prove to be useful in many ways." Educator

"As I read this month's newsletter with my 13 year old gifted daughter, we wanted to share with you how touched we were by the article Learning that Lasts a Lifetime:  Former Students Tell Us What Works!"  Parent

"Thank you very much for your kindness regarding the Gifted Education Press Quarterly! I have advocated for gifted children for 18 years and have contact with many, many parents of gifted children. I will share your information with them."  Parent

"Thank you so very much for such a wonderful gift!  As a thirty year veteran of teaching gifted children, it is with pleasure to have such a resource at my fingertips!  I will pass it along to my consortium group too."  Educator 

"Thank you so very much.  I have just read approximately half of one of the newsletters, and I am so excited. This is what I have been looking for!!"  Parent


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